Pizza dough! We cook at home.

Friends, as promised the second post about how to make pizza dough at home.Watch how to make delicious pizza at homeSo, we will need 5 ingredients:WATER - 550ml,YEAST (dry)- 4g,SALT - 30g,FLOUR (ps.v.s) - 1kg,OLIVE OIL (or sunflower OIL)- 50-70ml..Pizza dough recipe.We take water, the colder the better and pour it into a bowl.Next, we fall asleep yeast 4-6 gr., this is teaspoon. So, the yeast ferments about 4 gr. So, the yeast starts. The yeast ferments and forms a dough, which is convenient to handle. When the dough is pliable, you can start dividing the dough into pieces. You'll get about 6 pieces of 250 gr. Divide the pizza dough into portions.Next, you need to roll them into balls. It may not work the first time. Just make balls.Next, find a protvinek or tray and spread the dough at a distance of no closer than 2 cm to each other. don't forget to wet your palm and moisten each ball in turn. So the dough will not be covered with a dry crust.Proofing pizza dough.Next, wrap the dough with a film or just put it in a bag.We leave it on the table or in a warm place until the moment when the blanks will start to increase in size by about 1.5 times. Leave the dough overnight or at least 12 hours in the refrigerator . Preferably at a temperature of no more than 6 degrees.A small life hack.If you are not sure about the quality of the yeast, then just make an incision on the dough. If the cross-section shows small bubbles, then the yeast started its work. As usual, I will answer your questions and comments! All delicious pizza in the house!Please like and subscribe!))