How we did it The secret is in the taste.

Try to cook a delicious pizza with only the freshest ingredients. This is not easy, because some people in their recipes on YouTube often show more expensive and lengthy examples of making pizza. I think this is superfluous)) Just watch the pizza videos and add whatever you like to the dough. I think that's the only way to go. Watch the next video and add olive oil, tomato sauce, mozzarella and feta to the dough. Then, when all the ingredients are in the blender at the lowest speed or in pulsing mode, we start interrupting. In any case, do not interrupt the dough. It should be pureed with small pieces.Like this. If you used domestic tomatoes, then the dough will turn out to be more liquid. By the way, this pizza sauce can be put it out and add it to pasta with seafood, for example.If you don't like garlic, just don't add it. So we got a ready-to-use pizza sauce. The next post will be even tastier. Cooking pizza! As usual, I will answer your questions and comments! All delicious pizza in the house!Please like and subscribe!))